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The Full 12 Step Plan Located On the Big Island

The 12 Step ohana Club of Kona is a non-profit corporation created for our members to meet in a variety of 12 step meetings as well as meet with each other, relax, play games, and participate in monthly events and activities, all of which are free from the use of drugs or alcohol. When meetings are going on, we ask that those playing games and socializing keep their voices down so that the meeting can go on without disruption. Currently, we have movable dividers to give the meetings some privacy.

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More About Us

Our Purpose is to support recovery through our various 12 step programs and fellowship in a clean and sober environment.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We are a place of Aloha, connection and recover where all in our 12 step ohana are welcome 

A cherished recovery community resource known for its welcoming, safe and vibrant atmosphere

We have a variety of meetings, from Alcoholics Anonymous to Alanon, to Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics Anonymous, Codependents Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and Marijuana Anonymous. Coming soon, we hope to have Alateen, which is for young people whose parents whose are in the program, as well as other 12 step groups such as Clutters Anonymous, for those who have too much clutter, and Workaholics Anonymous, as well as many others.

Our History

The 12 Step Ohana Club of Kona opened its doors on April 1, 2023 with an Open House. We said we invited everyone to come out and be an “April Fool” in our new adventure. There are some that say it can’t be done, and yet, here we are, one day at a time.

What makes us a little different is that we are inclusive of ALL 12 step groups. Our goal is for Unity within all the 12 step groups. This has helped people participate in a variety of groups that they may have never ventured into before. This is why we decided as a group to use “OHANA”, which means “family” in Hawaiian, rather than the traditional name of Alano. This is because some groups felt that the name Alano did not feel as inclusive as we needed it to be. We decided to take the plunge and come together as the 12 Step Ohana Club of Kona! In just a few short months, we have over 25 meetings a week.

We are a 501c3 Nonprofit

Our EIN number is 92-3807884

AA and other 12 Steps Affiliation

As you may know, AA, NA, Alanaon, and all 12 step groups do not finance or lend their name to any outside affiliation, including our 12 Step Ohana Club of Kona. The 12 Step Ohana Club is an outside organization, separate and distinct from AA, NA, Alanon, and all other 12 step groups. Each meeting held at the club is conducted by an autonomous group and each group pays rent to the club to help pay for expenses. Membership in The 12 Step Ohana Club of Kona is independent of membership in any of the various groups who use the club facilities for their meetings.