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Meeting Secretary Guide

Please ensure that you and all attendees to your meeting adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All attendees, regardless of membership status, must sign in on the sheet at the building entrance.
  • Non-members may be in the facility within 30 minutes of the start and end of the meeting that they are attending; otherwise, they may obtain a day pass from the house manager for $2.00.
  • Feel free to ask individuals outside of your meeting to reduce the sound level of their activities if it is disrupting your meeting.
  • Please provide the Club with half of your 7th Tradition funds collected, and encourage your members to donate additional funds as able, to assist the Club in meeting its expenses.
  • Clean up the meeting area following your meeting, removing any trash, stowing meeting materials and literature and wiping down furniture as needed
  • Remind meeting attendees that there is no smoking or vaping near the building, to put cell phones on vibrate and take all conversations outside and to not enter the kitchen; no going in the kitchen; and that only service animals, on leash and under their owner’s control, are allowed in the building.
  • There is no sleeping or use of intoxicants in the Club; and, any individual who is drunk or intoxicated may be asked to leave the premises.
  • If you have any questions or otherwise need the Club’s assistance, please contact the on-duty Club manager.